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Where can I find laser treatment to stop smoking?I am considering trying the laser treatment to quit smoking. I have tried the gum, patches et al but have not been able to kick the habit. I am wondering if anyone has tried it and had success?


First attempt (after 16 years of hardcore smoking) used the patch. Worked for about a year, then I started again (started with the odd "I am bigger than this!" butt at a bar...rapidly resulting in being a full-time smoker again. I tried it last year, Did not work for me. More of a hoax gimick thing I thougt. And yes it hurt like hell when they where doing the laser on my ears. Cost me $280.00.

Logically, it seemed like it shouldn't really do anything at all even though I do believe in acupuncture, but I knew several people who had quit that way and stayed quit so I tried it. It's true that right after the laser treatment I felt very relaxed and even sleepy. I got it two days in a row. I still went through hell week, but since I had paid quite a bit for the laser treatment, I really didn't want to start smoking
again until I had saved my money's worth. That was two months later and by that time it was really starting to look like I was going to become a non-smoker!

Second time, in 2000, I used Zyban (Wellbutrin). It worked, but with a minor side effect of making me crazy. After a week of crazy (read: very uncharacteristic (RL) rage), I stopped taking them, but was sufficiently motivated that I have never again had a smoke.

I was a heavy smoker... but I quit smoking through sheer will... and $3,700 worth of foul tasting gum. Once I quit the smoking habit... and then quit the gum habit... it was all good. I think the secret is to do something so stupid that you end up in traction in the hospital long enough to go through nicotine withdrawal against your will.

Nabat learned about low-level laser therapy after being treated in Canada to stop smoking. Amazed at the ease of kicking his cigarette smoking habit, Nabat has turned into a "LASER-PRENEUR" and dedicated himself to establishing Freedom Laser Therapy Clinics around the United States. Nabat's company, Freedom Laser Therapy is turning smokers into nonsmokers within 30-minutes. Low-level laser therapy is thought of as a highly effective modern form of acupressure. A soft laser light is used to stimulate specific energy points in the ear, face, and hands relating to the addiction. For the past 30 years, this specific application in treating addiction has been available in Europe and Canada. After decades of use in these other countries, the treatment has been proven successful in treating smokers.

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